What is India Infra Monitor?
India Infra Monitor provides the most accurate, comprehensive, and up-to date information and analysis on new/ongoing projects in the Infrastructure sector in India. The system has been designed to aid market participants in
(a) planning and strategy formulation
(b) defining market potential
(c) gaining client and competitor related intelligence
(d) identifying business/investment opportunities and
(e) recognising trends.

  What constitutes a project for us?
We cover projects across Electricity, Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy, Airports, Ports and Shipping, Roads and Bridges, Railways, Water Supply and Sanitation, Waste Management, Urban Transport and Coal sub-sectors within the Infrastructure sector in India. We include projects which entail a cost of over Rs 1 billion (with the exception of Water Supply and Sanitation and Waste Management, where we cover projects that cost over Rs 700 million) and that are in the announced/implementation phase, or have been completed in or after 2011.

  What parameters are tracked in each profile?
We track a project through its complete lifecycle from announcement to implementation followed by commissioning. We aim to capture the following parameters of information for each project:

  • Project Promoters and Shareholders
  • Concessioning Authority
  • Concession Period
  • Project Background and Scope
  • Location
  • Ownership
  • Project Cost
  • Cost Revisions
  • Capacity
  • Cost per Unit
  • Current Status
  • Project Type (Greenfield/Brownfield)
  • PPP Format
  • Key Consultants
  • Key Contractors
  • Financial Closure Status
  • Financing Details
  • Debt Equity Ratio
  • Lending Banks/Financial Institutions
  • Project Start Date and Completion Date
  • Time Delays
  • Land Acquisition Status with area of land required
  • Environmental Clearance status with any key environmental issues
  • Project Milestones including dates of key approvals, tenders, contract awards and any other key events

  What are the sources of project information for us?
Information in the database is generated using a wide variety of secondary and primary sources by tenured sector analysts. Our information source include news reports from national and local dailies, annual reports of public limited companies and government corporations, annual budget statements of ministries, clearances issued by the ministries, monthly and annual monitoring reports of authorities, corporate websites, presentations and journals and tenders by private and public entities and government departments and corporation. Research through these secondary resources is supplemented by authentic primary sources and proactive reachout to agencies/promoters with the aim to capture maximum possible information on each project.

  What are our key features?
Efficient Search functionality to aid the user to get to the required information as quickly as possible
My Universe functionality allows the user to define the project set that matters the most to him/her. It enables the user to track/apply analytics to the select set. The user can define multiple universes, edit them, and switch between them seamlessly.
My Toolbox allows the user to conduct deep analytics on all projects or on projects that the user defines in My Universe. My Toolbox is split across two sections - Quick Reports and My Analysis. Quick Reports is a comprehensive collection of pre-defined reports. It allows the user to draw analysis by sector, location, promoter and vendor/financier. The information on each chart can be drilled to a second and a third level to provide the user deeper level of detail. My Analysis goes one step further and allows the user to generate custom reports/charts. The user can choose to combine any X and Y axis variables from a detailed list of options and generate a host of additional custom charts. The user can save all/any of the charts in My Dashboard for ready and quick reference/tracking.
My Dashboard functionality allows the user to get a snapshot view of the projects/data set that matter the most to him/her. The dashboard can be customised to combine relevant charts, projects and news. The user can push any chart from Toolbox to the Dashboard and the chart will be automatically updated for any information added/updated. The projects section in the dashboard allows the user to track all updates for the selected projects and also informs the user of any new projects added to the system, based on the criteria defined by the user. The news section similarly keeps the user updated for any new information on the selected projects or policies. The user can create as many dashboards as required, and can switch between them at the click of a button.
Benchmarking Tool allows the user to compare multiple project side-by-side, on six key parameters - Project Cost, Capacity, Cost per Unit, Cost Overrun, Time Overrun and Completion Period. The system marks the project with most competitive and the most non-competitive values for each parameter. The results of the comparison can be plotted on a line/bar/pie chart and the chart can be pushed into dashboard for tracking on a regular basis.

   How is reliability and accuracy of information guaranteed?
Our sector analysts scan through a number of sources on a daily basis to ensure that only the most reliable and accurate information is added to the system. There is a regular proactive reachout to project promoters and other stakeholder agencies to closely track and report project updates/progress. A multi level review process further guarantees the sanctity of data in the system.

   How often is the database updated?
The database is updated on a daily basis. Our analysts, in-charge of individual sectors, track multiple sources on a real-time basis and ensure that the updates are appropriately affected in the system daily.

  How can the user customise what he wants to track in the database?
The “My Dashboard” and “My Universe” functionality allows the user to customise what the user wants to track on a regular basis. The user can track projects, analyse charts and follow news that concerns the user on a single page with the Dashboard feature.

  Who can benefit from the tool?
The system is aimed at assisting developers, contractors, consultants, banks/financial institutions, policy makers and analysts in the following ways:
Key information on upcoming projects to help in planning, forecasting and resource allocation
Information on contractors and consultants for all projects to aid in monitoring competition
Unit cost information for previous and current projects to aid in cost analysis of upcoming projects
Information on time delays and cost overruns for projects to aid in analysis of upcoming projects in a more efficient manner
Key project information aids in understanding the changes in the existing markets and exploring new ones
Banks/Financial Institutions
Key information on financing details such as debt-equity ratio and debt terms for projects to help analyse any new proposals
Information on upcoming projects to help in identifying and securing business opportunities
Details on project delays and cost revisions for projects to analyse the ability of the project to repay debt
Information on project status to help in forecasting the probability of the project finishing on time to ensure that the correct loan terms are used
Policy Makers
Information on key projects to aid the governmental agencies in assessing the impact of change in policies/regulation and backing up their assessments with relevant data
Current and upcoming project information to aid the government in planning policy changes
Key project information to aid the government in assessing developmental infrastructure needs in specific sectors
The information will aid government agencies in identifying investment trends by states and regions.
Information on number of projects under implementation and total outstanding projects for each sector/sub-sector to help in analysis across sub sectors
Information on unit cost for each project to aid in analysis of efficiency of different projects and key factors that impact these costs
Information across current and upcoming projects to help in identifying market trends and gaining market intelligence
Information on cost overruns and time delays to aid in analysis of the impact such parameters have on the overall project

   Is the website compatible with all internet browsers?
The website is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer (version 9 and 10).

   Can I use the website over the iPad?
Yes, the tool is iPad compatible and hence, its features are accessible on iPads.