About Us

The mission of India Infra Monitor is simple and modest - to provide the most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date information and analysis on key projects in the Indian infrastructure sector to aid market participants in (a) planning and strategy formulation (b) defining market potential (c) gaining client and competitor related intelligence (d) identifying business/investment opportunities and (e) recognising trends

It tracks key projects across the infrastructure sector in India from conception to completion. It provides comprehensive information on each profile to fulfill the needs of a variety of market participants including promoters, contractors, consultants, lenders, policy makers and analysts. It is further equipped with valuable analytical and reporting tools to enable the user to better comprehend and analyse the data and draw meaningful assertions from the wealth of information in it.

India Infra Monitor is backed by a competent research team which collects information from a wide variety of secondary information sources and supplements the same with information received from authentic primary sources and proactive reach-out to agencies/promoters with the aim to capture maximum possible information on each project. A multi level review process further guarantees the sanctity of data in the system.

India Infra Monitor is a part of India Infrastructure Publishing Private Limited, which is dedicated to providing information in areas of infrastructure through magazines, newsletters, special reports, and conferences.

For more information about the company, visit www.indiainfrastructure.com